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All our animals are all free range, and we currently have numbers of Red Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Wallabies, Hares and Rabbits. 


我们每天都可以安排进行小型动物狩猎之旅,从蒂卡波湖镇的办公室出发,全程大约 2 小时。我们也可以根据要求安排大型动物提供狩猎之旅。我们将提供所有步枪和弹药。我们使用 17 毫米口径热瞄准镜和非热瞄准镜。

欧洲野兔 European rabbit

学名:(Oryctolagus cuniculus cuniculus)

大小 Adults up to 2 kg.

颜色 Grey brown with paler underside. Infrequently black, ginger and silver-grey colours encountered. Eyes brown. Tips of ears narrow black rim.

自然行为 In high density populations rabbits live in a complex of underground burrows (warren’s) and in lower numbers above ground cover. Home range about 1 ha.

繁殖: Timing, litter frequency and size dependent on habitat conditions with productivity as high as 45 to 50 kittens (young rabbits) per year in good areas, down to around 20 in poorer areas, average litter five. Kittens are born blind in underground burrows and emerge at about 3 weeks old.

妊娠期 : 30 天

生育: Most months although frequently not March to May.

棕色野兔 Brown Hare

学名:(Lepus europaeus occidentalis)

大小 可大至4.8公斤左右

颜色 粽兔表面上有黑色和黄褐色斑点,侧面呈黄褐色。肚皮是纯白色的。眼睛黄色。耳朵尖端有黑色斑块。

自然行为 野棕兔通常独居,活动范围达 50 公顷或以上。

繁殖: 幼兔出生在地面上,浑身覆盖着一层厚厚的绒毛,眼睛是可以马上睁开的。平均产仔数 2,每年产仔 4 窝。

妊娠期 : 42 天

生育: 7月至4月

Rabbits: Male = buck. Female = doe. Young = kit.
野棕兔:雄性= 雄鹿 (Buck)雌性 = 母鹿 (Doe)幼兔 = 小白兔 (Leveret)