Prices & Safaris


All our animals are all free range, and we currently have numbers of Red Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Wallabies, Hares and Rabbits. 

Small Game Hunting

We run daily small animals guided hunting tours that leave from our town office in Lake Tekapo and run for 2 hours and offer guided hunting for larger animals by arrangement. We provide all rifles and ammunition. We use 17 Caliber with both thermal and non-thermal sights.

European rabbit

(Oryctolagus cuniculus cuniculus)

Size: Adults up to 2 kg.

Colour: Grey brown with paler underside. Infrequently black, ginger and silver-grey colours encountered. Eyes brown. Tips of ears narrow black rim.

Social behaviour: In high density populations rabbits live in a complex of underground burrows (warren’s) and in lower numbers above ground cover. Home range about 1 ha.

Reproduction: Timing, litter frequency and size dependent on habitat conditions with productivity as high as 45 to 50 kittens (young rabbits) per year in good areas, down to around 20 in poorer areas, average litter five. Kittens are born blind in underground burrows and emerge at about 3 weeks old.

Gestation period: 30 days.

Birthing: Most months although frequently not March to May.

Brown hare

(Lepus europaeus occidentalis)

Size: Adults up to 4.8 kg.

Colour: Mottled black and fawn on upper surface with tawny sides. Belly is pure white. Eyes yellow. Ears black patch at the tip.

Social behaviour: Hares solitary with large 50 ha or more home ranges.

Reproduction: Leverets (young hares) are born above ground fully covered in a thick coat of pile hair and with open eyes. Average litter size 2 with 4 litters per year.

Gestation period: 42 days.

Birthing: July to April.

Rabbits: Male = buck. Female = doe. Young = kit.
Hares: Male = buck. Female = doe. Young = leveret.