Hunting Safaris

We offer guided hunting Safari’s on our 50,000 acre High Country Station.

Hunting Safaris

Our Hunting Safari’s take place on 50,000 acres of private land in Lake Tekapo. We have free range animals including Red and Fallow Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, Wallabies, Rabbits and Hares. Our private lodge on the side of Lake Tekapo provides Private Luxury Accommodation.

Small Animal Hunting Safari’s


$299 | 2hrs

Our Fully Guided Small Animal Hunting Safari’s Includes:

Large Animal Hunting Safari’s


Prices on request depending on Safari.

Our Fully Guided Large Animal Hunting Safari’s Includes:

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Our story

With over 80 years of farming experience in Lake Tekapo, our family has acquired extensive knowledge of the area’s hunting opportunities. Our well-trained guides are dedicated to providing an unforgettable hunting experience for our guests. As property owners, we can easily arrange tours at short notice, and our on-site helicopter operation offers access to even the most remote hunting locations. As part of the safari you will gain an understanding of pest control and how we manage our natural environment. Trust us to provide you with an exceptional adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Check-in: 48a D’Archiac Drive
(Inside the Cairns Alpine Resort)
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 7945
Phone: +64 27 900 0335
Email: hello@huntekapo.com